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Should I wash my hair before a color or hi-lite?

You can wash it, the reason we suggest not to is the oils from your scalp help protect your hair and scalp from the chemicals.

When getting an up-do what do I need to know?

Wear a button up shirt, you don't want to pull anything over your head, bring any decorations you would like incorporated into your style. Bring a picture, based on hair texture, density and thickness we will get as close as possible to creating your style.

What over the counter hair products do you recommend?

I don't recommend OTC products, here's why.  To put it mildly washing your hair with store bought shampoo is like washing it with battery acid. The strength and harshness of these chemicals is way more than what most people's hair needs and can ruin a new color very quickly.

Tips for getting the cut and color you want
1. Bring in a photo  of a person with similar hair type. Keep in mind  if you have thin, fine hair and bring us a photo of someone with thick coarse hair, no matter what we do, there is no way to make it look the same way.

2. Tell your stylist of every chemical you have used in the last 2 to 3 years, done at home or in the salon. Be honest, if I don't know it's there the results may be undesirable, my job is to give you the best service possible and maintain the integrity of your hair in the process.

3. Be reasonable in your expectations, if you would like a longer style your hair may have to grow into it, this takes time and patience, I will  be there to help you through the upcoming months.

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